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Where’s The New Boatload Of Experts Who Can Explain Stuff To Me Like I’m Five?

explain like im five

Understanding A Real Call To Action From Amazon

In addition, the percentage of people who are willing to vote for poorly written questions and quick answers is increasing. That is frustrating for the people who care about taking the time to write decent answers. Most developers understand SSL/TLS — namely, explain like im five a protocol that enables a client and a server to securely exchange data. However, once you bring up Certificate Authorities, Intermediate CAs, Certificate Chains, Self-Signed Certificate errors and CSR, among others, that understanding often fades away.

Current Community

“How do I move the turtle in Logo?” is an acceptable question. The fact that it has been answered elsewhere on Google doesn’t matter. The Encyclopedia Britannica editors don’t care that a longer treatise has been published on the subject. If it’s relevant and not already in their volume, then they cover it. Explaining code in your answer is a great way to practice, so we’re in a sort of Catch-22. The site doesn’t particularly encourage explaining your answers so people don’t tend to learn to be good at it. (This is by no means a new problem.) Weirdly answers here suggest downvoting as a solution rather than, you know, writing a better answer.

explain like im five

We can all admit there are some ideas or subjects that maybe we’ve referenced or heard about, but we don’t fully understand. Luckily for us, Reddit, the popular social sharing and discussion site, gave us a solution. ELI5 is where users post seemingly complicated subjects and ideas, and ask someone in the community – usually a subject matter expert – to explain it in a way that a 5-year-old would understand. I’ve learned to detect people trying to cover lack of understanding with jargon. I find that a few clarifying questions can confirm my suspicions in short order. Bossgalaga launched their new subreddit by explaining its name, Explain Like I’m Five.

A great team faced with the same problem will produce a single page. People often aspire to explain the complexity they uncover. The r/explainlikeimfive subreddit remains incredibly popular, but itsELI5 abbreviation has become so widely used on Reddit that even people who have never used that specific subreddit are familiar with it. ELI5stands for the phrase, “Explain Like I’m 5.” The 5refers to a five-year-old child, the implication being that the person requesting the explanation has a limited ornaive understanding of the issue. ELI5 is short for “Explain Like I’m 5,” a request for a simple explanation to a complicated question or problem.

explain like im five

Point out examples of other ways your client “aggregates” in their everyday life . explain like im five Pause after a minute or two to avoid rambling, and just see how a client responds.

Explaining Modern Authentication Like I’m Five

And out of all the classics, some are easier to teach, using literary devices like metaphors, foreshadowing, personification, and symbolism. Shampoos come in an array of colors, but—as this ELI5 question points out—the foam is almost always white. And the answer to why this is, is more scientific than I could have imagined. In explain like im five our minds, robots are these high-tech, crazy-smart machines that can do anything and everything. However, it is not just the clicking of the box that is important when it comes to these security tests and confirmations we see online. It really is so nice that we have all of these luxuries and all of these options before us.

Reddit users quickly began prefacing their questions with a shortenedELI5. This shorthand became so commonplace that soon even bossgalaga began using ELI5. While most people in the industry are familiar with account aggregation explain like im five technology at this point, you now face the challenge of explaining it to your clients. @Makoto It sounds like you’re trying to make this an issue of whether some questions are too simple/basic for Stack Overflow.

We now have chocolate and dark chocolate and chocolates filled with nuts and creams and coffee explain like im five and frappes and cold-brew coffee. According to this thread, the real reason is unknown.

Rdp Connection

  • Those channels are static because they are requested and created at the Basic Settings Exchange phase during the connection initiation, and they do not change at all during the session.
  • There is a maximum of 31 Static Virtual Channels per connection and each channel acts as an independent data stream.
  • The client advertises the compression types it supports in the Client Info PDU during the Secure Settings Exchange.
  • RDP can use compression in output data (both fast-path and slow-path) and in virtual channels.
  • SVCs allow communication between different client and server components over the main RDP data connection.
  • Both the client and the server need to support compression in general, and the specific type of compression negotiated for the connection.

Questions That Seek Explanation Tend To Be Treated With Suspicion

Whether we have been in planes ourselves or just heard this info from movies, we are all aware that there are certain in-flight rules regarding electronics. Back in the day, the rules were stricter, but now, in a time when there are explain like im five so many different types of electronics, we don’t even have to have them off during takeoff. I have seen the same thing play out in my professional career. A good team faced with a hard problem will produce a rigorous document.

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